Sunday, 3 June 2012

***En*** New release HQ Gown!

Hello everyone !
 will introduce the gown "***En***" has been newly released.
This is a long dress with a veil. This dress is the theme of
 "the beautiful roses have thorns", and was created.
A little unique as a "color wedding dress," Would you like to Ironaoshi you? 
Also, if you wear this dress as a guest, you are going to shine wonderfully !
This dress, there are five colors.
The set of this dress, veil and pumps is also included.
The price is 250L$.

You can get in LB-only group as a "promotion" only blue of this dress.
 (This version does not come with the option of pumps. And the veil is sold separately.)

During the period that is to be distributed as a promotion, 
retail version of blue of this dress (full set) has been sold for 125L of off 50% !!

Gown and hair that is collaboration, a limited group at LB, it is distributed.
This is only prize, will not be sold.
You will surely think. Wearing this gown and hair, want a taste 
of the luxurious feeling !
Please do not you miss this chance !
Please come to shop us !

"***En***" are here. 

Thank you !
(This is in English it is created using a simple automatic translation.
 If there is a strange expression, I'm sorry.)

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