Monday, 11 June 2012

***En*** GP200AnniversaryGift !!

Hello everybody!
I have reported to us. 
To join the group called "*** En ***" Over 200 !!
This is a very happy thing. Thank you ! !
To celebrate this I had prepared a gift of appreciation.
SS is one of them just now.

In this way, in a gift set that contains three types of.

The first one is just gown.
The second is a summer kimono.

Third, they flare style mini dress.

Each set of instructions, shoes and hair and dress and decoration, 
that contains all the !

You will think it is very good, it?
You should not miss this opportunity!
You will come the shop, they should get this gift.
 You would think so too?
On the second floor of this shop is selling hair.
 You can buy a color in the 50L$.
 This is one of them.

These will very nice?
Please try the DEMO !!

"***En***" are here.
You are to join a group, need 10L$.
Thank you !
(This is the English translation was created using a simple automatic.
 I'm sorry if there is a strange expression.)

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