Saturday, 16 June 2012

***En**** Corner appeared ALL 50L$ !!

Hello everyone!
From "*** En ***", is a guide to our new release.
The first is this!

It has been created in the image of the "cute bunny".
(The hat and shoes also come in a set.)

The second is this !

This is a set of floral camisole, ruffle pants with denim.
And using cloth in matching camisole, sneakers is the point!
Including this new, all products on the shelf was made 
by the corners of the 50L$ !
Casual clothing, shoes and hair ornaments in the whole set,
is a 50L$ !

This will be very nice?
Please check all means, this!
Besides this, there are a lot of good stuff!

This is a case.

All of these sets is also 50L$ !!
This corner is located on the second floor of the shop.
Please come to see!

In LB-only group, has distributed a promotional version of camisole sets.
(Sneakers and hair ornaments are not included.)
Please also check this!

"***En***" are here. 

Thank you !

(This is the English it is created using a simple automatic translation.
If there is a strange expression, I'm sorry.)

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