Sunday, 24 June 2012

***En*** New release HQ Gown!!

Hello everyone !
 I  "ooYukichioo Resident".
Is the owner of the shop of fashion for a woman named "*** En ***" I am.
Take a look at this !

*** En ***" is pleased to announce the release of this new gown.
This is the gown is made of all races, is very sexy.
The inner motif of roses have been used.
As the name of "Charm", If, if you wear this, you will be fascinated by all the people !

There is further good news.
Hair in the picture, it is a set with this gown !!
The "full set" will say this thing !!
This dress set has a pink and white and red, are sold at 100L$ each color.

To miss this, would very loss for you.
You come, I should visit my shop"*** En ***" !!

"*** En ***" are here.
There are many items in this shop through an exclusive group prize.
(Sorry,To subscribe to the group's need 10L$.)
They are waiting for you.
Please come to this shop !

Enjoy more "SL" together !
See you !!

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