Wednesday, 30 May 2012

"*** En ***" is to declare the HQ!

This is scheduled for release this weekend and the dress,
hair is an enterprise of the collaboration towards the group.
Please see this Quality

SS as below, the work has been released previously,
 when worn by the location of,Angle
 "shiny transparent objects was" very anxious problem.

"*** En ***" this, from the dress "Princess" series was released last time,
it has been completely overcome!

Please look!
This SS has not been processed!
As you can see the difference well,
SS is reflected in two of the black background of the same conditions.
At the foot of the race, even with the tip of the hair,
I have solved this problem admirably you understand?

"*** En ***" than this, by "a light shake of the flexible" with this technology,
We promise that we will deliver to the elegance of high class to you.
Please look forward to the future of "*** En ***"!

Also lace dress was a lot of this fluffy,
consisting of line is not a cause for concern!
This is the prize of the limitations of the group towards.
All means, please make sure this beauty in your eyes!

"***En***" can be found here.

(To join a group, it takes 10L$.
This is due to the maintenance shop. I want to convince it to you.

I've created using the simple automatic translation this sentence.
I'm sorry if there is a strange expression.)

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