Saturday, 26 May 2012

New releaseDress like Cinderella's wore!! from"***En***"

Hello everyone!
I "ooYukichioo Resident".
Is the owner of the shop of fashion for a woman named "*** En ***" I am.

Take a look at this!
Would dress very nice!
This is a newly released dress from my shop.
Are made in the image of the "elegance, such as princess" is this dress.
If you wear this dress, may be able to impersonate so lovely!

This dress is five colors.Price of this dress is 180L$.

Is a special sale!

During the next week until Friday night (Japan time), 
which sells off 50% of 90L$ only, "Pink" as long as a week.To miss this, would very loss for you.
You come, I should visit my shop"*** En ***" !!

Other colors are like this.

"*** En ***" are here.
There are many items in this shop through an exclusive group prize.
(Sorry,To subscribe to the group's need 10L$.)
They are waiting for you.
Please come to this shop!

Thank you for looking at this blog.
Enjoy more "SL" together!

(This is in English it is created using a simple translation function.
If you feel strange sentence, I'm sorry)

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