Monday, 30 December 2013

New release and Notice of Hunt ♪

Hello everyone ♥
"*** En ***" will release new kimono sets !
There are four types of pattern.
They're cute in a very pop ♪
It is ideal for worship of the New Year !

<This set>
Hair for Japanese kimono(in the SS)
Hair accessory
Kimono dress(with obi belt)
Geta(with tabi socks)

゚・:.。★★。.:・゚Kiyomizu Winter Treasure Hunting 2013-2014゚・:.。★★。.:・゚

And,"***En***"is participating in the "Kiyomizu Winter Treasure Hunting 2013-2014".
(End:2014/01/07 JST 22:00)
Please look for the object of the black cat.
Hunt prize is a Japanese Kimono set of name called "yozakura".

The location is the Main SHOP.
Please enjoy the Hunt♪
゚・:.。★★。.:・゚Thank you゚・:.。★★。.:・゚

-IrodorI- / ***En***  Main SHOP(3F)

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