Sunday, 3 March 2013

PartⅢ☆Japanese kiimono set of pre - release Introduce !!

ALL 70L$ SALE ! / ***En*** in Girls Fest @cozy port 2013

Hello everyone ♪
*** En *** are participating in this event
"Girls Fest @cozy port 2013(2013.03.01~03.17 JPT)" !!
゚・:.。★★。.:・゚*** En *** has released a new set of Japanese kimono(for spring) ゚・:.。★★。.:・゚
Have bought, for example.

They are pre-sale for this event.
During the period, only in this mall,
they are sold in OFF 30% !!
<<sale price 100L$ → 70L$>>
And One Piece in the shop is discount !!
Products in "Cozy Port -shopping mall- <***En***>"
are ALL 70L$ !!
Only period this event !
Do not miss the chance ♪

As a promotion,
LB original version are available ♪

There are two types.(LB for everybody / In 5 minutes)
They are distributed only for the duration of the event.
Wonderful outfits is waiting for you.
Please come to "Girls Fest @cozy port 2013" !!
゚・:.。★★。.:・゚Thank you゚・:.。★★。.:・゚

Cozy Port -shopping mall- <***En***>

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