Thursday, 20 December 2012

***En*** New kimono set and LB(in Bakumatsu kimono festa)!

Hello everyone ♥
"*** En ***" has released a new kimono set !
This has been long in the back to pull the skirt "Hiki hurisode style ".

゚・:.。★★。.:・゚Chest wide open, it's very sexy ゚・:.。★★。.:・゚
There are three types of floral design.
Peony,Cherry Blossoms,plum tree.
So beautiful in any pattern.

<This set>
Hair for Japanese kimono
(It is reflected in the SS)
Hair accessories
Kimono dress( with obi belt)
zouri(with tabi socks)
Gamaguti bag

And,New LB !

As a promotion, LB original version are available ♪
It has been installed in "2012-2013 Bakumatsu kimono festa 
in winter"of"*** En ***".

Kyoto Event space <***En***>

"*** En ***" to participate in the event.
It is "2012-2013 Bakumatsu kimono festa in winter".
Including five of the new work, the booth has a lot of Japanese Kimono set.

They are waiting for you.
Please come ♪

゚・:.。★★。.:・゚Thank you゚・:.。★★。.:・゚

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