Thursday, 27 September 2012

♥Memorial Gift "*** En ***" main shop reopened♥

Hello everyone !
This time, "*** En ***" has been moved to the main shop.
゚・:.。★★。.:・゚In commemoration, I have prepared this gift for you ゚・:.。★★。.:・゚

It is like tailcoat hem line is characteristic.
<This set>
Hair / Mini hat / Gothic dress / Boot
These are all full set♥
Dress would be perfect for Halloween ?

More !
♥This is the dress that was designed for this year's Halloween gift♥

This is given to group members only.
(10L$ you need to join the group.)
There are many items in this shop through an exclusive group prize.

To miss this, would very loss for you.
You come, I should visit my shop"*** En ***" ♥

"*** En ***" are here.

They are waiting for you.
Please come to this shop!

Enjoy more "SL" together!
See you!!

(This is the English that was created by using a simple automatic translation.
 There was a strange expression, I'm sorry.)

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