Thursday, 2 August 2012

***En*** New kimono for autumn release !!

Hello everyone !

Take a look at this !
Would kimono very nice !

This is a newly released kimono from ***En***.
Whenever this beautiful kimono swing moves,
which is its own style "*** En ***".
The sale of these three colors, each color is 100L$.

*** En ***, opened a new shop in [Nayamachi]Kyoto Bakumatsu.
is to provide a limited LB and opening gift there, 
waiting for your visit.

*** En *** is selling artistic kimono in "USA HOUSE MALL".
They are waiting for you.
Please come to this shop !
Enjoy more "SL" together !
See you !!

[Nayamachi]Kyoto Bakumatsu ***En***


***En*** Main SHOP

(This is in English it is created using a simple translation function.
If you feel strange sentence, I'm sorry)

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