Friday, 27 July 2012

***En*** New SHOP in USA HOUSE MALL !! (Gift and LB)

Hello everyone !

*** En *** as a tenant to "USA HOUSE MALL" Somerset
Was opening.
These kimono are sold only in the "USA HOUSE MALL" !!

Has become artistic than these kimono and previous work of *** En ***.
These kimono is characterized by Ashimetori hem,
so it looks legs when walking, it is very sexy.
This set of kimono has a mini bag with "geta with tabi"
with hair and hair accessories.
These kimono are sold at 100L$ each.
You can get only in the "***En*** in USA HOUSE MALL" them.

To SHOP, are available and gift opening, also limited LB Mall.

This weekend, please visit the mall !!
I'm waiting for your visit.

"*** En *** in USA HOUSE MALL" are here.

Enjoy more "SL" together!
See you !!

(This is in English it is created using a simple translation function.
If you feel strange sentence, I'm sorry)

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